Service Process

Blue Sky Editing is all about transparency with its writers. With the service delivery process outlined below, you can make a fully-informed decision.

Manuscript Assessment


Once the account receives your payment in full, Kat reads and assesses your manuscript. 

From that assessment, she prepares a report on the manuscript and forms recommendations for editing.

Pre-Edit Meeting


In the pre-edit meeting Kat presents her manuscript assessment findings and recommends a particular course of editing. 

You discuss writing career goals and pathways, and Kat outlines the Blue Sky Editing process and answers any questions you may have.

At this point, you have the option of withdrawing from the rest of the Blue Sky Editing service process, in case you do not feel you will be receiving value for money. (This has never happened, but is always an option. Blue Sky Editing is not interested in pushing its services on writers who will not value them.)

If you do withdraw at this point, you will be refunded 80% of your payment. Blue Sky Editing will retain the remaining 20% as payment for the manuscript assessment, contact time and admin time.

If you choose to continue at this point, both you and Kat will sign an updated contract specifying the editing course Kat will deliver, and agree on a timeline for the rest of the service process.

Finally, Kat will leave you with some 'next steps' to follow up while she edits your manuscript. These next steps are tailored to the individual based on your career goals, and can include research, practicing a particular skill, or investigating a particular workshop.

The Edit


After the pre-edit meeting, Kat edits your manuscript. This can take hours, days, or weeks; you will discuss this time frame during meeting one.

Review Edited Manuscript


When Kat is finished editing your manuscript, she sends it back to you. This is your opportunity to review Kat's editorial interventions ahead of the post-edit meeting.

Post-Edit Meeting


During the post-edit meeting, you and Kat discuss your manuscript's editorial interventions and clarify any points of confusion.

This is vital to the editorial process. Kat will never understand your manuscript as well as you do, and may misunderstand something you did intentionally.

Likewise, it's Kat's job to take into account various aspects such as readability, various readerships, and cultural value; aspects that can negatively affect writers' creative output if too much time is spent dwelling on them during the writing stage.

You and Kat will discuss any points of disagreement until you arrive at an accord. This part is usually enormous fun, as the characters and places of your work leap off the page and into the conversation.

Kat will also deliver your Edges at the post-edit meeting. All writers receive a blurb of their work (useful for pitching, publishing and marketing), and any other Edges they purchased.

Please note that for large projects, the post-edit meeting may be split up into two or even three meetings, instead of one enormous meeting. 



After the post-edit meeting, you will receive an email with the opportunity to provide feedback.

This is not goodbye! Kat loves to hear how your writing career is progressing, so please stay in touch.

Now you know how it goes. If you have any questions, please get in touch!