Building a writing career requires far more than just writing. Blue Sky Editing's suite of optional Edges are designed to supplement your writing with the practical skills and knowledge needed to take your writing career further. Edges can be purchased individually, or they can be included as part of an editing Plan.

Manuscript Assessment

Having your manuscript assessed before you pitch or publish will save you time and money. A manuscript assessment offers an experienced, third party perspective on your manuscript's readability, readership, cultural value, strengths and weaknesses. This information will help you appeal to your readership more effectively, and increase the depth of your reader's bond with your work.


Hate summarising your work into a few catchy sentences? Blue Sky Editing provides three different blurbs: a traditional paperback blurb, an elevator pitch, and an eBook description. Great blurbs are vital for successful pitching, publishing, and marketing.

Targeted Education

Blue Sky Editing provides one-on-one contact time for writing career education tailored to your needs. Creating a career strategy, targeting your readership, building your readership connections; Blue Sky Editing can help you make the most of your time and energy.

Awards and Competitions

When it comes to writing awards and competitions, which is better: to submit a few highly polished works, or many somewhat-polished works? Blue Sky Editing can help ensure you're entering your work into the awards and competitions it's best suited for.

Pitch Perfection

Preparing to pitch to a publisher, agent, writers centre or writers festival? Usually you only get one shot, so make it count: run your pitch past Blue Sky Editing first, and receive practical, easily actionable feedback ranging from intonation to audience engagement or nailing the hook.

If you'd like a quote or to hear more about any of the Edges, head over to the contact page.