Blue Sky Editing

Blue Sky Editing is an editing, educational and advisory service for writers. Writers can find it difficult to break in to the extremely competitive contemporary publishing field, and there is no one-size-fits-all pathway to success in the writing and publishing industry. Blue Sky Editing takes a twofold approach to building a writing career: quality and practical skills. 


Publishing quality work and maintaining your high standard is an absolute must in order to build your loyal readership base and attract new readers. Clever writers know that there is always room to improve their craft, and this is where editing enters the scene.

Editing, as performed by Blue Sky Editing, is not only for the piece you're working on now. With every piece edited, Blue Sky Editing gives specific, thoroughly explained feedback on how to improve your current piece (and celebrates the brilliant bits) and then ends with practical recommendations for refining your craft in the future. In this way, with every piece edited you receive clear stepping stones on how to move forward with your writing.

Practical Skills

If you have started building your writing career, you know this: building a writing career requires far more than just writing. Blue Sky Editing's suite of optional Edges are designed to give you an edge in this area, with different Edges appealing to different writers. If you're pitching to a traditional publisher, you would benefit greatly from the practical feedback offered by Pitch Perfection. If you're seeking to self-publish, with Targeted Education you can receive a plain-English breakdown of your publishing options and the pros and cons.

All writers who invest in Blue Sky Editing receive one-on-one contact time to talk through their writing career goals and discuss strategies and skills to help them achieve those goals. Each writer has unique experience and strengths which they can use to boost themselves in the practical side of their career. Blue Sky Editing offers a combination of education and advice tailored to each writer, with the aim of highlighting these strengths and empowering the writer to take advantage of industry opportunities.

If you're interested in learning more about how Blue Sky Editing can help you build your writing career, please get in touch.

Kat Hedge

Blue Sky Editing is the legal property and enterprise of Kathryn "Kat" Hedge.

Editor and entrepreneur at Blue Sky Editing, Kat has officially been an editor since 2013, though unofficially she was dubbed "Thesaurus" when she was ten; this should have been a sign. As a tutor and regular guest lecturer at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Kat is a tertiary-level educator for the writing and publishing industry.

In 2015, Kat completed an Honours thesis on editing, self-publishing, eBooks, and authorial satisfaction. After spending an entire year immersed in writing and publishing industry factoids, she emerged relatively sane and extremely knowledgeable about the self-publishing process and industry trends, powers, and opportunities.

Kat specialises in helping writers build their writing careers using the same skills, knowledge and experience she employs in her work at QUT. She holds a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Honours) from QUT, and is currently working towards her Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice.

If you have any business-related or professional queries for Kat, please get in touch.