Self-Publishing Series: Preface

So, you’ve finished your manuscript. The very first thing you need to do is also the most important: celebrate! Huzzah!

Whether you publish it or not, finishing a manuscript is a remarkable achievement comprised of 50% caffeine, 50% dogged “ye shall not defeat me” tenacity, and 50% screaming frustration. It’s one thing to have a good idea; it’s quite something else to follow it through to the finish.

If you haven’t quite finished your manuscript yet, keep going! It’s immensely rewarding to sit back and look at something that you have created from absolutely nothing but your own words. This series presumes the reader has finished writing their manuscript, but is still entirely relevant if you have not — you’re just educating yourself early.

The Self-Publishing Series is a step-by-step guide through the process of self-publishing, starting at reviewing the manuscript and finishing at tracking your sales and marketing statistics. The Series focuses on chopping what can seem like an intimidatingly immense process up into bite-size chunks. If you chomp a bite per week, soon you’ll be an old hat at self-publishing.

The Series has three particular focuses:

  1. To help its readers understand the underlying concepts behind each step of the process; why are they necessary?
  2. To provide a clear, practical checklist of tasks at the end of each section that directly relate to self-publishing the manuscript.
  3. To fully integrate the business of writing — legal, marketing, etc. — into the self-publishing process.

To that last, it is not enough to publish a book, you must also market it well and relentlessly. Blue Sky Editing takes a long-term focus of self-publishing, with the assumption that the majority of Series readers are interested in building a writing career of some sort, though one-off self-publishers will benefit from the Series too.

I’ll be releasing Self-Publishing Series blogs progressively, so please do take it at your own pace. At the end I’ll do a full review, so if you have any questions as we go, please comment with them! I’ll include answers either in the next blog, or in the reviewed copy.

Next up is the Introduction, where we’ll run through an overview of the self-publishing process. Stay tuned!


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