Blue Sky Editing helps writers build their writing careers. Whether you aim for traditional publishing, self-publishing, or somewhere in between, making the choice to build a career in writing can be daunting and confusing. Blue Sky Editing works in concert with individual writers to draw a map of what they want from their writing career, and how to get there. 

  • Whether you're pitching to publishers or publishing it yourself, Blue Sky Editing can give you an edge.

Blue Sky Editing's core service is editing, with optional satellite services designed to help writers build their writing careers. These services are called 'Edges', because they were created to give writers an edge in the competitive world of publishing.


Manuscript Assessment

A manuscript assessment offers an experienced, third party perspective on your manuscript's readability, readership, cultural value, strengths and weaknesses.

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Hate summarising your work into a few catchy sentences? Blue Sky Editing can ensure your blurbs do your work justice.

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Targeted Education

Blue Sky Editing provides one-on-one contact time for writing career education tailored to your needs.

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Awards and Competitions

Don't waste your time on writing awards that aren't suited to your work: Blue Sky Editing can find the right awards and competitions for you.

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Pitch Perfection

Preparing to pitch to a publisher, agent, writers centre or writers festival? Usually you only get one shot, so make sure it counts.

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